Used non-halogenated and halogenated solvents are recovered under vacuum distillation processes using single columns, rectification or through Thin Film Evaporator technology.

EGEO SOLVENTES’ main activities are:

  • Solvent Regeneration (Waste Recovery Operation R2)
  • Sale of Regenerated Solvents (national and international market)
  • Collection, Sorting and Temporary Storage of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste (Waste Management Operation D15 and R13)
  • Consulting in the fields of Environment and Safety

Differentiating factors:

  • Member of ESRG (European Solvent Recycling Group)
  • Team of experts with extensive experience
  • Solutions tailored to meet customer needs
  • Targeted service and quick response
  • Application of best available techniques
  • Concern for the environment and safety

In addition to the economic advantages of reusing recycled solvents, the carbon footprint of these products is much smaller than similar pure solvents.



Ecosolve 01 (cellulose-based diluent) Universal cleaning thinner

Ecosolve 01B (cleaning thinner, class B) Slow drying thinner

Ecosolve 02 (synthetic thinner) Synthetic cleaning thinner

Ecosolve MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) Cleaning thinner, paints

Ecosolve ETAC (ethyl acetate) Cleaning thinner, paints

Ecosolve MET (methanol) Thinner, paints

Ecosolve IPA (isopropyl alcohol) Electrical, graphic cleaning

Ecosolve MCL (methylene chloride) Stripper