The regeneration of used lubricating oils is an industrial process for the removal of contaminants, degradation products and additives, transforming used oil into regenerated base oil.

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The product obtained in this process has the same characteristics as a virgin base oil and prevents this hazardous waste from being disposed of in the environment or sent for less noble uses, such as being used as fuel.

Hence, the regenerated oil follows the path of sustainability, closing the life cycle of the product, which returns to the market through lubricating oil formulators, in a perfect example of Circular Economy.

The regenerated oils can then be used to formulate new engine, clutch, transmission or hydraulic oils.

EGEO regeneration technology manages to overcome limitations found in other technologies and produces a quality Group I base oil with less likelihood of degradation compared to other classical regeneration processes.

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We believe that the regeneration of waste oil is the responsible attitude towards society and the environment.