We are committed to contributing to a more cohesive and balanced Society.

EGEO is well aware of the importance of its environmental intervention and is committed to protecting the environment in its development and performance strategy, considering it a crucial factor in the development and improvement of its activities.

Risk prevention, health and safety of people, integrated with the safety of facilities and equipment, are a constant concern in the development of EGEO’s activities to reduce the number of occupational accidents and illnesses. Thus, the fundamental principles that guide our operations are based on the training and involvement of employees, raising their awareness towards adopting good practices and promoting the motivation of teams with environmental and safe behaviours.

To minimize the environmental impacts resulting from the Significant Environmental Aspects, several operational control measures are implemented. EGEO also implemented in its facilities an Internal Security Plan, providing for eventual emergency situations. A Management Plan with Objectives and Goals was also established, where some of the identified Environmental Aspects and Impacts are controlled.

EGEO is aware of its corporate responsibility and the need to contribute to the permanent development of society.


EGEO – Technology and Environment

Through the knowledge of the best techniques in the market, EGEO aims to provide quality waste management services, giving priority to recycling and waste treatment, with a view to reducing impacts on the environment.


Social responsibility in the EGEO Group translates into a strong performance of social and environmental concern in the day-to-day operations of the organization and interaction with all stakeholders, including local communities.

Its structure is based on a strategy of corporate sustainability and preservation of the natural heritage, in the management of social and environmental impacts in a positive way and always in order to ensure and increase competitiveness.



347 – Integration in the organization/company
482 – IT at user level
851 – Environmental protection technology
862 – Safety and hygiene at work