We transform the present,
To renew the future

From exploration to renovation,
From waste to nutrients,
From waste to renovation,

Transforming the present to renew the future.
This is our commitment.


We have evolved based on integrity, production quality and technical support for our customers. We do not lose sight of the constant improvement and development of our activities.

We are a transforming agent in the circular economy, through the optimised and global management of industrial waste.

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Resíduos Industriais Perigosos
90 000
We reuse around 90,000 tons of hazardous industrial waste annually water
77 000
We recover and reuse more than 77,000 m3 of water , in our facilities each year solvents used
solventes usados
7 000
We recovered around 7 thousand tons of used solvents in one year hydrocarbons
6 000
We reuse 6,000 tons of hydrocarbon waste annually contaminated packaging
embalagens contaminadas
3 000
More than 3,000 contaminated packages recycled annually used lubricating oils
óleos lubrificantes usados
10 000
We recycle more than 10,000 tons of used lubricating oils every year.

I want
to renew
the future

If you want to engage in renewing the future, come work with us

EGEO is a benchmark in the industrial waste management market. Industry leader in Portugal and a benchmark in Europe. The company holds a proactive stance that goes beyond the services provided to its customers and partners, which translates into the responsibility of constantly innovating in all fields of operation.

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