To ensure the management of hazardous industrial waste, EGEO seeks to determine, evaluate and implement the solutions and technologies that are not only the most appropriate for the recovery, treatment and disposal of customer waste but also the most effective from an environmental and economic point of view.

All hazardous waste treatment processes are carried out with a view to optimising the supply chain thus enabling waste management operations to become more efficient and cost-effective.

EGEO adopts the principle of waste management hierarchy, privileging types of treatment that lead to reuse, recycling and recovery, and only lastly disposal of waste.

economia circular

EGEO has extensive experience in the treatment of hazardous waste, from liquid, pasty and solid waste with inorganic and organic characteristics.

It plays a major role as regards the reuse of both material and energy. Virtually all hazardous waste managed by EGEO is treated in its units.

EGEO embraces the purpose of the circular economy, recovering more and more waste flows.