The right partner to address the needs of its customers in global and integrated waste management.

Organizations are increasingly looking for partners working in fields transversal to their main activity, demanding transparency, competence and excellence from them.

EGEO is a benchmark in the market and the right partner in Global Waste Management. EGEO values long-term relationships with partners through a personalized, skilled, transparent and innovative approach.

With a vision of the future and a focus on the circular economy, by encouraging the reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery of resources, EGEO promotes, together with its partners, the reduction of the environmental footprint towards a more sustainable future.

Close collaboration with partners, combined with detailed analysis of waste flows and innovative, technologically advanced and sustainability-oriented solutions, enables EGEO to come up with unique solutions in line with each organization’s sustainability goals. 

EGEO has human resources and specialized equipment for packaging, pumping, cleaning and transportation, offering a wide range of technical solutions in the global management of waste generated by companies operating in all sectors of activity.

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Technical and innovative solutions for the global management of waste generated by your company.